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Tips - Paid a school donation? Claim it back

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If you've made a donation to your school since April 2014, as part of your school fees (or any donation to a charity in-fact), there is a good chance you are due a refund of one third of this. That means every 3 years the donation is effectively free. 
Enter the total of your donations into our simple to use calculator on the home page and see what you are due back.  

Here are examples of how people use the calculator: 

Sarah – Auckland 
"I entered my total donations (I had donations to World Vision and Red Cross too) and I get a total of $4380 for the last 5 years. I got paid over $1,200 straight to my bank account. All I did was upload a copy of the receipts/donation summaries and enter my details". 
Sarah had donations to charities as well as her school so she uploaded those too as she had never claimed them before. We can process these at the same time and get these rebates back too 

Anna – Riccarton 
"Our son's school donation is $150 a year – so I get $50 back a year? It's not worth it".  
$50 means something different to every person but also, Anna forgot that she could claim the last 5 years so once she had a copy of these receipts from her child's school (she requested these through our online request tool) it certainly became worthwhile.  
Anna ended up coming back to us once we processed her returns: 
"I didn't realise it was going to be that easy, I'll definitely do it every year now". 
We've made it easy so that you don't have to worry about: dealing with the IRD, stamps, envelopes, paper forms, getting it wrong. 

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As always, this is subject to some restrictions that the IRD set. Don't worry; we check these for you as we know that you don't understand their lingo.